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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


Traditional “open” spine surgery may require several days in the hospital as it may involve a three-inch long incision, in which muscles and tissues are separated for optimal access to the injury site. The surgery usually results in trauma to surrounding tissues and some blood loss. Because of this [read more]

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery2020-01-13T17:38:58+00:00

What is Artificial Disc Replacement?


Traditionally, the common treatment for repairing herniated discs in the neck was an Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) procedure. In a fusion surgery, the disc is removed and either a bone spacer or a plastic implant is be placed in the disc space to restore disc height and [read more]

What is Artificial Disc Replacement?2020-03-18T21:57:10+00:00

The Risks and Challenges of Artificial Disc in the Low Back


While there are risks of any surgery, one should be especially cautious when it comes to operating on the spine. If you are faced with a back issue, no matter how simple or complex the issue may be, it is smart to get a second opinion before surgery if [read more]

The Risks and Challenges of Artificial Disc in the Low Back2020-01-08T17:37:42+00:00

What is Adjacent Segment Disease and Why is it Important?


Between the vertebrae are discs that act as shock absorbers and allow your neck to move freely side to side and forward and backward. Over time, or after an injury, these discs can break down, lose their height and have less of a cushioning effect. They can also rupture [read more]

What is Adjacent Segment Disease and Why is it Important?2020-01-13T17:42:23+00:00

What You Need to Know About Herniated Discs


The spine is composed of many vertebrae stacked on top of each other. Between these bones are discs, which act as shock absorbers. The shock-absorbing discs resemble jelly donuts, each having a jelly-like center. As we age, the discs naturally become less flexible and more brittle. Normal disc degeneration [read more]

What You Need to Know About Herniated Discs2020-03-19T17:04:47+00:00

How Long Does an Artificial Disc Last?


Artificial disc replacement, also referred to as disc arthroplasty or total disc replacement, is an alternative to spinal fusion that involves removing a damaged disc and replacing it with an artificial implant. The artificial disc is able to retain the original bending and rotating motion of the spine. Many [read more]

How Long Does an Artificial Disc Last?2020-01-08T17:37:42+00:00

How Does a Surgeon Select an Artificial Disc Implant?


When talking about artificial disc replacement it is important to recognize that there is a huge difference between lumbar disc replacement (low back) and cervical disc replacement (neck). Many spine surgeons are more cautious about lumbar disc replacement than cervical disc replacement for the following reasons: In the lumbar [read more]

How Does a Surgeon Select an Artificial Disc Implant?2020-03-18T22:00:53+00:00
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