Unbiased source of information about cervical and lumbar artificial disc technology

CentersforArtificialDisc.com was created to provide an unbiased source of information to consumers, primary care physicians and chiropractors about cervical and lumbar artificial disc technology and current research on spine care about potential disadvantages of traditional spinal fusion.

Recognizing that individual physician web sites often are biased to the capabilities of the sponsoring physician and their historical views on spine care (which can be 20 years out of date), there was a need for an unbiased information source about advances in spine care and the evolving new artificial disc technology.

All the spine centers featured on the Centers for Artificial Disc are independent spine practices and are in no way connected with each other. The surgeons featured in the Centers for Artificial Disc site are all board-certified orthopedic surgeons or board-certified neurological surgeons, with many having advanced fellowship training in spine surgery. Fellowship training involves an additional year of specialization working in a spine center and performing complex spine surgery, typically with the most advanced instrumentation.

The spine surgeons featured the Centers for Artificial Disc site are proficient in artificial disc surgery. Some limit their practice to only artificial disc surgery in the neck, while others do both neck and low back artificial disc replacement.

This Centers for Artificial Disc site has direct links to each spine center’s web site which provides additional detailed information about their physician background and treatment philosophy.

Lastly, unlike “surgical mills” that are biased toward performing surgery, the Centers for Artificial Disc features spine surgeons who all philosophically emphasize non-surgical treatment options in advance of spine surgery. This can include spine therapy and spinal injections. All participating surgeons believe that the best healthcare comes from an educated patient, and they encourage patients to ask questions during their visit.

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