The new O-arm provides the most advanced surgical navigation tool

Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna was the first hospital in Alaska to install the most current surgical navigation technology — the O-arm. O-arm® Surgical Imaging allows the surgeon fast access to real-time 3D high quality images of a patient’s anatomy which greatly helps during complex spinal and orthopaedic procedures. This technology allows the surgeon to perform less invasive procedures that are easier on the patient’s recovery time. 

Another plus side for the surgical staff is the O-arm reduces X-ray exposure, increasing safety for both operating room staff and patient. The surgeon has a wide variety of imaging choices with how he wants to view the patient with the O-arm imaging techniques. A section of the patient is scanned by the O-arm and then the surgeon can manipulate a 3D image of the patient’s spine projected on a screen to more accurately perform the operation. The system also provides three two-dimensional cross-sections for a different view.

“It is particularly important when you are doing minimally invasive surgery, when you are trying to keep the incision real small,” explains Dr. Humphreys. “The O-arm enables the surgeon to see exactly where he is and navigate to the exact level of the spine.”

Dr. Humphreys was already familiar with the new technology as he had used it in his previous spine practice in Tennessee.

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