Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find centers that specialize in artificial disc surgery?

Spine specialists can include neurosurgeons specialized in spine surgery, orthopedic surgeons specialized in spine surgery, physical medicine doctors, anesthesiologists and physical therapists who specialize… Read more

How do you find spine centers that do artificial disc replacement?

Centers for Artificial Disc is the only verified national listing of spine centers that specialize in artificial disc replacement surgery. These centers are on the forefront of scientific and technological advances in the area of motion preservation for the spine… Read more

How can you find an artificial disc surgeon?

The surgeons featured in the Centers for Artificial Disc site are all board-certified orthopedic surgeons or neurological surgeons, with many having advanced fellowship training… Read more

How do you find spine surgeons who specialize in artificial disc replacement?

The best approach for a patient is to research the surgeon’s capabilities and the volume of cases they do that are MIS or artificial disc. A spine surgeon may do a total of about 200 spine surgeries a year, of which 20% to 50% might be done in an outpatient ambulatory surgery center where the patient goes home the same day… Read more

What are the best alternatives to spinal fusion or a neck fusion?

Injections are often recommended because they have a dual purpose. “The purpose of a spinal injection is both therapeutic and diagnostic,” explains Dr. Eric Mayer, a fellowship-trained specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Texas Spine & ScoliosisRead more

Which artificial discs are best?

There are several artificial discs for the neck, the most popular being the Prestige, M6, Prodisc and Mobi-C. The spine surgeon will often use different discs to address a patient’s anatomic issues such as the slope angle of the vertebrae… Read more

How is cervical artificial disc replacement better than spinal fusion?

Cervical disc herniations are most often managed with cervical fusion or disc replacement, although occasionally a decompressive procedure might also be possible- a cervical foraminotomy. Cervical disc replacement is less invasive and… Read more

What are the pros and cons related to lumbar artificial disc replacement?

Spine surgeons may be cautious about artificial discs because… Read more

Why is an artificial disc an alternative to spinal fusion?

The Centers for Artificial Disc was featured by 88 magazines, newspapers and TV stations across the United States in December 2020 with an article advising when back and neck pain patients should consider artificial disc replacement as an alternative to spinal fusion in either the neck or low back for treatment of herniated discs… Read more

How to get a second opinion for low back surgery or neck surgery?

While there are risks of any surgery, one should be especially cautious when it comes to operating on the spine. If you are faced with a back issue, no matter how simple or complex the issue may be, it is smart to get a second opinion before surgery if possible… Read more

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