How much does artificial disc replacement cost?

Artificial disc replacement, also referred to as disc arthroplasty or total disc replacement, is an alternative to spinal fusion that involves removing a damaged disc and replacing it with an artificial implant. The artificial disc is able to retain the original bending and rotating motion of the spine.

Early on health insurance companies were reluctant to cover the cost of artificial disc replacement because it was a new technology.

Employers on the other hand were more open to artificial disc replacement because they had seen over several decades that the clinical outcome from traditional spinal fusion surgery was not great. So they were more open to consider new spine technology that retained the normal motion of the spine.

Consequently more educated patients are looking for a second opinion for neck surgery, and researching the most advanced spine surgeons who are experienced in cervical artificial disc replacement surgery. This second opinion for neck surgery can provide detailed information about the alternative to spinal fusion with the artificial disc.

The cost of artificial disc replacement

Beckers Spine Review recently published cost ranges it had researched from the Healthcare Bluebook which helps patients shop for healthcare in their region.

The prices noted below for total disc replacement includes the hospital or ASC facility, the spine surgeon and anesthesia fees. The amounts are based on the amount health plans have paid on medical claims.

It should be noted that the prices below relate to artificial disc replacement surgery for herniated discs in the neck, because lumbar artificial disc replacement surgery is still evolving with new artificial disc implants and new surgical procedures.

Secondly, the report doesn’t distinguish between the cost of the most popular artificial disc implants like Mobi-C, Prodisc-C, M-6 cervical disc, Bryan disc, Prestige or PCM disc.

Here are the average prices of artificial disc replacement surgery for for NECK in 30 large cities as of mid 2022:

1. Dallas: $43,564
2. Fort Worth, Texas: $43,564
3. Seattle: $39,993
4. San Jose, Calif.: $39,346
5. San Francisco: $39,346
6. Milwaukee: $37,868
7. Indianapolis: $37,195
8. Denver: $33,843
9. Portland, Ore.: $32,750
10. Columbus, Ohio: $30,954
11. New York City: $32,521
12. Nashville, Tenn.: $28,400
13. Charlotte, N.C.: $27,636
14. Phoenix: $26,947
15. Philadelphia: $26,690
16. Austin, Texas: $26,549
17. Louisville, Ky.: $26,169
18. Detroit: $25,819
19. El Paso, Texas: $25,793
20. Memphis, Tenn.: $24,967
21. Los Angeles: $24,878
22. Washington, D.C.: $24,808
23. Boston: $23,771
24. Chicago: $23,489
25, Oklahoma City: $23,282
26. Houston: $22,705
27. Jacksonville, Fla.: $22,689
28. San Diego: $22,554
29. San Antonio: $21,694
30. Las Vegas: $21,126

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