Get the Rx for Rotation IN RECREATION

Why is that all of the fun outdoor sports place extra strain on the back?  The reality is that tennis and golf are perhaps the two most demanding “rotational” sports. Both sports require the core of the body to rotate, often in a bent over posture.

For someone recovering from a back strain, it can be a challenge to get back on the tennis court or golf course. “The key is stretching and making the back stronger, more flexible and resistant to a future strain,” Dr. Lee Moroz, a artificial disc spine specialist at Texas Spine & Scoliosis. “Many times, a person can have a back spasm simply because their back was not flexible enough. To get back to some of your favorite recreational activities you’ll need to improve your back’s ability to handle rotation. Secondly, phase back into the sport. With golf, kick the ball out of deep rough. With tennis, start with doubles rather than singles.”

Here are some rotational exercises to help get you back outside and into your favorite recreational activity.

“If surgery ultimately is necessary, get informed about the latest artificial discs that retain the rotary motion of the spine,” Dr. Moroz adds.

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